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Congratulations - You have taken the first step to Financial Freedom for your family and yourself!
Remember These Important "Take-Aways"

You Will Gain the Investor MINDSET

"I will, I must, I AM"...We will teach you to no longer have "problems"  but have "challenges".  You will learn the path to building generational wealth for your family.  You will learn healthy investing habits.  


Are you not networking and pounding on doors because you are SCARED TO DEATH that someone may call you with a deal?  Do you analyze deals until they magically go off the market?  We have all been there.  Now we can get you OVER it!  You will leave letting anyone who will listen know that YOU BUY HOUSES!

You Will Know Where to FIND THE DEALS

There are numerous ways to locate the deals in St. Louis.  Everything from the MLS, probate, networking, bandit signs and SO much more.  You will get a glimpse into them ALL.  You will leave knowing your top 5 ways to find property.

You Will Know How to FUND THE DEALS

There are many ways to get the money for a GOOD deal.  People will give it to you, yes...they will.  There are sources such as "Hard Money" or "OPM".  Heck, you can even use your 401K to get started and pay it back with your first deal!  If you learn to FIND the deals (and you will here), the money will come!
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